Ingrid Mae out in the fields on her Kemps Creek farm

Ingrid Mae – Australian Country Singer

If “Holy Smoke” was the outlaw cry then “Closing Time” takes us back to the hideout for the gritty after-party with songs like “Like it’s Over” and “Poor Little Thing”.

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Country Music Fan – Testimonials

“Where Australian country singer, meets blues, meets rock – with quality songs and exceptional performances. Ingrid Mae’s vocal style delivers a rare balance of power, soul and subtlety which is both captivating and exciting… whether live or in the studio, she truly brings the songs to life” – Anthony T Schmidt (Radio Personality/Performer).

“Songs like Undoin’ The Good, Saloons N’ Outlaws and Bring It are meaty examples of what could and should be more common around here.” – Bernard Zuel, SMH

“Hmmmm let’s see…Ingrid Mae is a truly authentic person whose musical spectrum covers a really broad range. She’s a little rockabilly sass, an angelic seductress and tongue-in-cheek temptress topped off with a whole lot more than a simple sprinkle of endearing eccentricity” – Ceejay Mills (Country Music Fan).

Ingrid Mae – Country Female Singer

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Holy Smoke is a Country album that will grab you when you least expect it. A strong signature vocal and a cracking band, it’s easy to see why Ingrid Mae continues to build her warm and quirky reputation.

“I just want to make great songs and stay true to who I am.” – Ingrid Mae.

“We have discovered a new country artist who harks way out west of Sydney, has the vocal intensity of Pat Benatar and the modern song writing smarts of Kacey Musgraves.
Listening to ‘Holy Smoke’ is like enjoying an arthouse film; the content is creative and the twists and turns keep on coming.” – Tiffany Mitchell, Blank Gold Coast Media/News Organisation

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Ingrid Mae has written and produced a Country album where the broken pieces are beautiful. We know it is “Closing Time” and the party is indeed over but we want to stay. From the first track “No SOS” we are hypnotized by this haunting capture and she holds us there; and we enjoy it.

 If “Holy Smoke” was the outlaw cry then “Closing Time” takes us back to the hideout for the after-party with songs like “Like It’s Over” and “Poor Little Thing”.

An explosive writer with the ability to traverse many different moods you can just label her at whim; Alt-country, Americana or CountryRock.  Whatever country bucket she lands in, there’s a Mae-DNA in her music

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Discover the soulful journey of alt-country female artist, Ingrid Mae and where music intertwines nostalgia and awakening. Her debut album, “Holy Smoke,” garnered attention, while the self-produced “Closing Time” pushed creative boundaries and crossed genres.

From anthem-style tracks like “Country Queens” to the melodic desperation of “Wayside,” “Closing Time” positions Ingrid as a Queen of alt-country angst. Vulnerability becomes empowerment, seamlessly blending with attitude-packed bangers for a killer album.

Closing Time reached #4 on the Australian Country iTunes chart, a testament to Ingrid’s rising prominence. Performing at Tamworth, including Moonshiners, Fazone Stage and Country Rocks concert at Toyota Park, showcased her live prowess. Her single, “No SOS,” debuted at #3 on the AMRAP Metro Chart.

Ingrid Mae, driven by heart and creative freedom, defies titles and trophies. Her signature vocals, distinct from mainstream country/pop, echo seventies moods with a restless edge. Preferring the crowd over a green room, she values a solid band and an authentic performance. Ingrid’s live music resonates, creating memorable moments that define her unique artistry.

All that said, we are so thankful for the support of Ingrid’s fan base, and they describe her best.

“Ingrid exudes a warmth, and quirkiness that you don’t find in other artists! It immediately feels like you’ve known each other for years from only a few minutes of conversation! Her music is a powerful combination of Country and rock that has you singing along immediately! We love you Ingrid xx” – Bec Lavelle (singer/songwriter).

“Ingrid has such an amazing voice and her song writing and the tempo of her songs is just brilliant. I also love how she brings the “bling, bling” into her clothing which is a class of her own, but most of all she keeps her music COUNTRY and not in the fast tempo of rock music, like a lot of others have gone down that path. Plus she has such an amazing Band and also very friendly people. Love you all” – Jeff Church (Country Music Fan).

“Music is in her blood, her voice and style can appeal and entertain any age group. Love the bling she adds to her unique style. She is woman and exudes sex appeal. She is down to earth and what you see and hear is who she is, she is also funny and brings out her joy in her music, very entertaining” – Marina Sherry (Country Music Fan).

“Ingrid is kind hearted always put others above herself…. She has a bubbly personality and always talks to everyone…. She is the sun shining through on the darkest days… I love her outfits she always looks amazing slots of thought goes into what she wears…. Her singing…. She sings from the heart and soul she doesn’t just get up and sing she means what is said…. Music is who she is it’s in her blood….” – Nollie Betts (Country Music Fan).

“Writes what is true to her, and not what is popular at the time, grounded and remembers where she has come from, pushes the boundaries, I real country artist has a connection to the people, not just to those you can help their career, all this is Ingrid” – Justin Smith (Photographer).